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 Star Trek's 50th Anniversary.

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Star Trek's 50th Anniversary.

on Thursday, September, 08, 2016 9:37 AM
Can I just point out for all you Star Trek fans (and especially for those of you who didn't know already) that TODAY marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek (8th September 1966).

There has been quite a bit of a buzz on the internet from across the world, by the looks of it.

Last night was watching Newsnight on the BBC, and they mentioned about today's celebrations, and they finished with a montage of NASA scientists wishing Star Trek a happy 50th anniversary!
Does anyone know how any of the cast and crew from any of the series/films have been responding in general?

I tell you one thing, I think that had Gene still been here he would have really quite enjoyed all this!


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RE: Star Trek's 50th Anniversary.

on Friday, September, 09, 2016 6:48 AM
I'm definitely seeing a lot of honorable mentions throughout facebook.  Star Trek is such an iconic show (sorry to state the obvious), but I haven't given the original show from the 60s, a fair shot, as it came before my time.
However, Star Trek: The Next Generation, was the more prominent spin off I remember, when I was in high school, in the 90s.  Ugh...time flies too fast.

Admittedly, the show was still ahead of me at the time and it was only until recent, when I began to gain a better appreciation of that series (now on Netflix).
It's great that it endured the test of time and people have been pretty excited with the movies.

"So, nice-looking ship you got here ."
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 Star Trek's 50th Anniversary.
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