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 Tron Screening in Pittsburgh?

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Tron Screening in Pittsburgh?

on Friday, February, 16, 2018 11:21 PM
No idea if this will be an actual screening of Tron, or just a discussion, or a mix of both. I was looking for Tron screenings anywhere on Earth (out of curiosity) and came across it. (Oh, it says you can catch Tron 3/16 - 3/22.) Figured I would share. Sadly, I'm not in Pittsburgh, so won't be going.

Event will happen March 16th...

Science on Screen: Tron (1982)
Public · Hosted by Row House Cinema


It's another Science on Screen evening and this time Row House is tackling the 1982 classic "Tron". 

Explore how virtual reality, how it affects us today, and what aspects of this iconic movie are now actually possible. Join us for a discussion with specialists from Carnegie Mellon University - then, sit back and enjoy watching it with all that you've learned in mind! 

Science on Screen Event: Friday, March 16th, 7:30pm

(Part of Sci-Fi Fest 2018, you can also catch Tron from 3/16-3/22!)

Coming soon!

Produced by Walt Disney Productions, the original Tron film was so fantastic, they had to make another one 28 years later.

"Here's a technological sound-and-light show that is sensational and brainy, stylish, and fun." - original review Roger Ebert, 1982.

I'm getting out of here right now, and you guys are invited. -----^
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 Tron Screening in Pittsburgh?
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