The Intellivision was a great system for it's time, and featured the best Tron games you could get at home. My personal favorite is Tron: Deadly Discs. Alas the system met it's demise in the mid 80s with the collapse of the home video game market. You can also find out a little more about these games from the team that created them: The Blue Sky Rangers are alive and well.

Links: Intellivision Lives! | Bliss (Intellivision Emulator)

Tron: Deadly Discs
Our hero, TRON, is locked in battle against the Evil Blue Warriors. Score points by knocking out the computer-controlled attackers with flying discs. Your task is to bring your man safely through battle after battle. The attacking warriors are also armed with destroyer discs, and they'll come after TRON in wave after wave. You get them, or they'll get TRON!

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Tron: Maze-A-Tron
Based on the Disney movie TRON, this is a great action game for 1 or 2 players. You are engaged in a deadly struggle to penetrate the inner circle of the Master Control Program. Watch out for the deadly "bits." You've got to destroy them to reach your goal and accumulate the most points.

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Tron: Solar Sailer
A nightmare numbers game based on the Disney movie, TRON. Your challenge is to first seek out and then to decode the evil Master Control Program. The voice of TRON's girlfriend Yori helps you find the MCP as an electronic voice gives you the secret code to remember. The rest is up to you alone. "Energy low, We've been hit...end of line." Five different voices and two screens.

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