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David Warner plays a greedy software programmer named Ed Dillinger who needs to steal others ideas in order to to push his way up the corporate ladder. With the help of the Master Control Program and the game designs he has stolen, Dillinger becomes a senior executive at Encom. Warner's other role is that of Sark, the MCP's right hand man. In addition he also did the voice, which was later processed by Champ Davenport and Jack Manning, for the MCP.

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Born near Manchester in 1941, David Warner is a distinguished stage, film and television actor. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts by the time he was 19 years old, he first made his name known with his moving performance as the doomed King Henry VI in The Wars of the Roses, one of the Royal Shakespeare Company's most celebrated shows to this day. In 1965, he became the most talked about Hamlet of his generation. His innovative
performance initially drew a lot of terrible reviews, but the show would soon become a hit, with teenagers and young adults packing the house in both London and Stratford for the next two years.

Back in 1964, he had gotten his first important movie role in Tom Jones, Tony Richardson's adaptation of the classic by Henry Fielding. He played Tom's cousin and worst enemy, the viperine Blifil. He followed that with the title role in Morgan! A Suitable Case for Treatment in 1966. Thanks to Morgan, Warner was able to demonstrate his full range as an actor. He could make you laugh, or scare you, one minute and move you to tears the next. His performance earned him a BAFTA nomination.

His amazing talent and offbeat looks have always brought a unique quality to his characters. Some of his most famous films : Straw Dogs, The Omen, Time After Time, Time Bandits, Tron, The Man with Two Brains, Star Trek VI, Titanic, Planet of the Apes. In 1981, he won an Emmy for his supporting performance in Masada.

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David Warner
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