Jeff Bridges
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Jeff Bridges stars in TRON as a video game wizard caught in the electronic world where those games become real. Bridges was born in 1949 in Los Angeles, and at the age of 10 entered the profession of his father, Lloyd, and brother, Beau, with a part in a "Sea Hunt" television episode. After graduation from University High School in 1967, he journeyed to New York City to study acting at the Berghoff Studio. - Tron Production Information

Jeff is also a three-time Academy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actor in "The Last Picture Show", Best Supporting Actor in "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" and Best Actor for his role in "Starman" which he was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Some of his other film credits are : "The Fisher King", "The Big Lebowski" and "K-PAX" and he produced the films "Hidden in America" and "American Heart".

In addition to his acting and producing, Bridges is also a musician, singer and composer, painter and photographer.

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Jeff Bridges
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