The Original TRON Movie Turns 30!
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Submitted By: WorldOutWest

On July 9, 1982 -- the original TRON movie made its theatrical debut… forever making an indelible impact on sci-fi cinematic history with its incredible artistry, designs, and visual effects. Pop culture delved into the World of TRON then, and never left -- with TRON's glow permeating everything from movies to television, and music to fashion -- generation after generation.

In 2010, TRON's long awaited sequel -- TRON: LEGACY -- unleashed an incredible new visceral experience and passage into this realm for audiences to experience via its ground breaking visual effects and imaginings.

The World of TRON is constantly growing and evolving: the new, highly stylized TRON: UPRISING animated TV series recently debuted to excellent critic and fan reception -- showcasing stories on Disney's X D channel that occur between the original TRON movie and the LEGACY sequel -- and a third TRON live-action theatrical movie is in the works.

Rest assured, this "Journey" is just beginning...

On this 30th Anniversary of the original TRON -- free to share how and when you first saw TRON -- which TRON movie/show it was, and your favorite scenes, characters, quotes, vehicles, etc. by clicking here!

- Jay West

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