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At the recent Creative Arts Emmy Awards held on September 15th in Los Angeles, California -- Art Director Alberto Mielgo picked up his second award for his visually stunning work on the TRON: UPRISING animated series -- his first was awarded by ASIFA: The International Animated Film Society for Best Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production -- his Emmy, also in recognition of his Art Direction: Outstanding Individual Achievement In Animation.

I chatted with Mielgo, and he shared some thoughts afterwards:

West: Earlier this year you won an Annie Award for your work on TRON: UPRISING, now you have an Emmy -- how does it feel to have your work on the series acknowledged with these awards?"

Mielgo: Recognition is always very encouraging and motivating. These awards are as far as I can get in Art Direction, so unfortunately -- they make me feel like an unbearable prima donna! This show deserves attention -- and we are receiving it. Everybody has been working very hard, giving their time, souls and passion. My name is on the statue, but these awards very much belong to all our dream team, now sadly dissolved around the world.

West: Looking back on the series -- what was the most exciting thing artistically about working on it?

Mielgo: The very early days, developing the show when I was by myself with Charlie Bean (Executive Producer and Director) and Robert Valley (Lead Character Designer) -- giving shape and style to this world. Working from scratch.

West: Since the series has now ended -- if TRON was to return to animation, what are your thoughts on how you'd like to see it further explored?

Mielgo: The series already has a great amount of rules now in style. And according to the audience, it works. I wouldn't go away from this look at all, but I would definitely explore new locations… In terms of story, who knows what's going to happen with these characters dramatically now waiting in "a box"...!

You can watch the TRON: UPRISING animated series via Netflix, iTunes, Xbox Live Marketplace, the Playstation Store, and Amazon.com Instant Video -- each venue offers full Hi-Definition and Standard Definition viewing options.

Excellent montage of TRON: UPRISING footage -- the official music video for the 3OH!3 and JT remix of Joseph Trapanese's "Lightbike Battle" -- from the TRON: UPRISING soundtrack.

- Jay West

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