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 A future re-shaped by digitization.. possible?

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Re: A future re-shaped by digitization.. possible?

on Tuesday, August, 26, 2008 2:05 PM
Also to point. The term "It felt like Flynn" might be something other than emotions. Okay for instance, I remember a lecture I was having on programming a few years ago. I remember the guy telling us that every programmer has their own way to write code and there own way of presenting it. The MCP might have realised that Clu was written in the same way that Flynn wrote his programs (and he should know most of the game grid was written by Flynn). So this might not be Emotion per say, this might be why programs look like their users.

Emotions in Tron might just have been put there for entertainment imagine watching a movie where everyone has no emotion? But Yori had no emotion untill Tron turned up, remember how she just spat data out untill Tron got through to her?

Flynn didn't lose his memory, I think it just took a while to sink into his head where he was. And he didn't figure out what he could do untill he accidentally activated the

As for digitizing waste materials and then deleting them that is possible. However being able to create matter is a whole different thing I don't think that you could say make a gold molecule using a program and then create it using the laser. However there is no reason why you couldn't back up or restore or in fact copy a program or a user. Which leads to alot of Ethical issues almost like cloning. Plus how easy could it be to alter a person in the machine? mentally or physically.

Getting back to Tron Fanatic's original point, digitization technology would never see domestic use because of some of the points I've just stated. And the religious implications as Tron Fanatic also stated. Programs would see your as a God and most humans would more than likely abuse this power. Also here is a point would you age?abortion pills online abortion pill online purchase cytotec abortion


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Re: A future re-shaped by digitization.. possible?

on Tuesday, August, 26, 2008 6:21 PM
Faith is to Tron, what Superstring theory is to Computer science.

And the essence of our labor, is the most amazing things came from understanding those foundations of how we can apply ways of using what we got, in a way we could only wish the computer simulated it.

David1 explained to me what Encom may have had inside(IMO), while I was describing what the supercomputer and laser in Tron is.

I'm using both what he and I put together(mostly he), although I think he'd be best able to explain this, we came up with ideas, but I'll try to explain what he described from his technical knowledge, with my metaphorical descriptiveness..

Take a supercomputer/hypercomputer, one so delicately produced, balanced and manipulated at the atomic level, that it, like the laser, aren't really a computer or a laser, it is a storage unit that is continuously reading quantum entanglement interference by analyzing photons, manipulating data with a sensory inherent to it's phenomenon, able to read behind photons, to protect them from corruption using Correction Algorythms, An all knowing eye to quantum superpositions on a massive scale.

The User is can "read only". In order to protect the data from being corrupted while using the read operation by predicting the quantum interference caused by the real data before it's read, the user also has Corrective Algorythms.

I'll go on, if I can get the proper permissions.. hehe. jk.


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Re: A future re-shaped by digitization.. possible?

on Wednesday, August, 27, 2008 5:00 PM
Exactamundo Laphtiya! I totally agree with your quote below:

"The MCP might have realised that Clu was written in the same way that Flynn wrote his programs"

My viewpoint on the "It felt like Flynn" line (putting aside the mountains of stuff already being discussed here) is as follows: When Clu was derezzed, absorbed, put into storage, or disassembled (or otherwise) by the MCP, the MCP in my view would probably have taken a nosey at Clu's code.

It's a fact that Dillinger had stolen Flynns's games. These game programs, or evidence of such, existed somewhere in the systems protected "memories" which Flynn was trying to access, a system totally controlled and dominated by the MCP.

The MCP had control over Flynn's tank programs. (This assumes the tanks in the film were written by Flynn, and that the MCP had "appropriated" them, or had access to their code after the code was stolen by Dillinger).

Both tanks and recognizers exist in the Space Paranoids video game that Flynn plays at the start of the film. The game was written by Flynn himself before being stolen by Dillinger, and means that Flynn actually invented the Recognizer vehicle concept and incorporated it into his game code. Therefore the MCP's use of Recognizers in the system is another example of appropriation, use and familiarity of Flynn's code.

I think there's enough evidence in these examples to say that the MCP did have familiarity with Flynn's code. This would enable the MCP to compare code between Clu and the other programs Flynn wrote, to enable the MCP to say "It felt like Flynn".

Therefore to summarise, I do not believe the MCP was sensing an "emotion", but had instead sensed a familiar pattern of coding in Clu.

PS: this is the heaviest discussion I've seen on this forum!

PPS going off on a tangent again... if the MCP was using so much of Flynn's appropriated code in the system, no wonder Flynn was able to manipulate it in such a godlike fashion.. since he "wrote the code" There's no evidence as such, but I'd imagine that, being new to the system, it would have been easier to manipulate his own code at first (the offline recognizer) than to mess about with someone else's code, until familiarity with other code in the system had reached a certain point. Now, if Flynn had attempted to manipulate spaghetti code written by a bad programmer... I'd imagine it would have been very difficult, and possibly taken a verrry long time

PPPS: Beam me up, Scotty!

PPPPS: going back to Tron Fanatics comment:

"The video-telephone was first shown in at the World's Fair in 1964. Aside from having a little camera and microphone atop their computer, anybody got one of these yet? Doubtful."

I'd say, in the UK at least, most mobile phones in the mid- to high-end range have a built in camera, and sometimes a separate lens for video calls. My Taiwanese HTC Tytyn (which I love) has this facility. Most people are walking around with a video-telephone in their pocket.

Do I use it? Nope. Why? Well it could be inertia on my part. Many mobile phone service providers do provide video calls, but as part of an "extras" package, or an upgraded tariff. To be honest I'm happy making calls in audio only. It's possible that younger users are more adventurous in using newly provided features, and are less "luddite" than us guys brought up on ZX81's and Apple II's

So I myself wouldn't see much reason for video calls, unless it was provided as a "standard" rather than an extra you had to fork out more money for. I DO find GPS navigation via my phone an absolute godsend. That's the killer app I bought my phone for. That, and Pacman order abortion pill morning after pill price where to buy abortion pill

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>> 20 goto 10

>> "...and I'm outta the loop"
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 A future re-shaped by digitization.. possible?