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 A vivid TR2N dream I had last night. . .

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Re: A vivid TR2N dream I had last night. . .

on Wednesday, September, 10, 2008 8:31 PM
Hikaru.EXE Wrote:I laughed when you said he proudly took out his tron helmet and put it on his head and then was like "Free Tron helmets!" but that would be so awesome if that actually happened.

I had a TR2N dream here a couple nights ago.

The setting is a cold Alaskan mountain, wind blowing, snow.. snowing as I and my buddies hike to a Soviet bridge across the bering strait. We fought some of the Russians and ran accross the bridge avoiding heavy fire. We continued walking through Siberian Russia to a Soviet base and in the cold we began hallucinating images of home and the tropics. I suddenly knew the ancients had predicted this. We made it there with only two of us left (my other two friends had died) and we snuck in the complex through a ventilation duct.

We made our way just above a room where there was alot of noise. WE looked through the grates and saw, of all things (and I'm not sure if any of you will remember), NoExcuse's wooden snake thingy from the Snakes on a Plane thread get digitized. I leaped into the beam and I found myself in another room in the soviet base only I was wearing a Tron suit. I turned out I was the chairman at some board meeting and they had expected me because I somehow fooled the Soviets with my Tron suit. I rezzed up a lightcycle and crashed through a wall and it turned out that I was the blue guy in the trailer!

Then they sent the yellow/green guy after me and I died.

Wait for it...

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Re: A vivid TR2N dream I had last night. . .

on Wednesday, September, 10, 2008 8:36 PM
TheReelTodd Wrote:I love your new avatar, TRON.dll!

You grew your own grid bug. Very cool.

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 A vivid TR2N dream I had last night. . .