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General Sectors
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General Discussion
Talk about anything Tron related here.
44,114Today at 6:22 AM
 By panistefanin
Share requests or information with other Tron collectors.
12,91346 Days
 By Seca
Other Sectors
Talk about anything not related to Tron.
34,152Today at 7:40 AM

Film/TV Sector
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Topics regarding the TRON sequel featuring Jeff Bridges.
35,142Today at 8:01 AM
For all things about the Disney X[]D Series
3,110Today at 7:54 AM

Games Sector
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TRON: Evolution
Talk about the upcoming prequel to TRON: Legacy here
2,146Today at 6:33 AM
 By panistefanin
Tron 2.0
Any other topics regarding the PC sequel Tron 2.0.
8,638Today at 6:27 AM
 By panistefanin
Tron 2.0: Design Characters and Levels
Share tips and ask questions on modifying and creating new characters for Tron 2.0
1,109517 Days
 By deeahchur
Tron 2.0: Multiplayer
Talk tactics, ask questions, and post server information for multiplayer games here.
2,493252 Days
 By Kojimada
Other Games
Handheld, PC and other video games based on the film.
2,11965 Days
 By Steve
TRON and Discs of TRON Arcade
Tron and Disc of Tron topics found here.
1,371410 Days
 By Falty

Fan Sector
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Fan Fiction & Art
Rez tales of the digital world here...
1,916142 Days
 By fln.usr
Film Chat
General Discussion for fan films is here.
387Today at 8:24 AM
 By bobretc
Film Production
Technical talk for film development (Effects, Rendering)
264237 Days
 By anilrajj71

Role Playing
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Game Grid
Do your worst here on the game grid with Emote Battles
5,140302 Days
 By Sonicfan9988
Status Bar
Relax with a disc of pure energy and your fellow Programs here
10,32717 Days
 By uga4game
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