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 By Zipotron
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 By Alan#1
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 By Alan#1
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 By sloughflux
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 By TRON.dll
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 By TheDigimon
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 By Traahn
10915,1512700 Days
 By User Hastin
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11,2602733 Days
 By master control
122,0782745 Days
 By tron04
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 By tron04
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 By Alan1
52,8562924 Days
 By stratman3001
31,5353060 Days
 By Teen Of Tech
91,5473116 Days
 By CB2001
445,7913198 Days
 By undead_overlord
21,3853219 Days
 By Steve
31,5623222 Days
 By xen0
21,6633268 Days
 By FreedomForever
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